Calculate the percentage increase or percentage decrease between two numbers

Example calculation is
“what is the percentage increase between 76 of 115?”



Want to do this percentage calculation yourself?

Calculating a percentage increase or decrease yourself is best done in two steps. Here is the best way to approach his.

We start by subtracting the smaller value from the larger one.

In our example this would be 115 minus 76

  •  115 - 76 = 39

Once you have calculated this, you divide the smaller value by the result of the previous calculation, finally you multiply by 100 to get the percentage result.

  •  In our example case the formula would be 115 ÷ 76 x 100 = 66.09%

Real life examples

Saving account interest

You open a new savings account at your bank and deposit an $250.
After 12 months your balance is $257.50.

How much interest have you gained on this account?

From value = 250
To value = 257.50
Percentage change = 3.00% percentage increase

Laptop price reduced

The recommended retail price of a laptop is $699.00.
The item is available online for $429.99

What is the percent change in the price of the laptop?

From value = 699
To value = 429.99
Percentage change = 38.48% percentage decrease

Cup cakes eaten

You buy 13 cup cakes for you office.
By the end of the day you have only 3 left.

What is the percent change in the amount of cup cakes left?

Start value = 13
End value = 3
Percentage Change = 76.92% percentage decrease